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Support for partners and families of online child sex offenders in Victoria

After successfully obtaining DHHS funding for two years, PartnerSPEAK is excited to announce that they have greater capacity to support partners and families of online child sex offenders. They are calling on family violence services and practitioners who are compelled to join their response to partners and families of online child sex offenders. Partners and families are hidden victims and they require tailored support. Please express your interest in collaborating in peer-support groups and/or contributing to a symposium for the FV sector. If you're already facilitating any peer-support service provision please let PartnerSPEAK know (contact@partnerSPEAK.org.au) so that they can connect with you.

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Domestic Violence Sector Collaborations

PartnerSPEAK is the only organisation in Australia to specifically support individuals who learn that their partner is involved in online child sex offending. Often non-offending partners are first made aware of these offences when detectives arrive at the family home to seize computers or to arrest the offender. Other partners report child abuse images to police after stumbling across irrefutable evidence. The discovery that a partner has accessed or distributed this distressing material is harrowing and yet there is an almost absolute silence on the topic. Here is one of many stories of trauma of the women we support through PartnerSPEAK.

PartnerSPEAK is excited to announce that we are at an important time in the organisation’s life, having recently received funding which has enhanced our capacity and will enable us to expand our reach to partners and children of online child sex offenders.

PartnerSPEAK is committed to working collaboratively with the expertise that exists within the Victorian Domestic Violence sector. There is only one piece of research pertaining to the experience of partners and children of online child sex offenders but anecdotally from the affected partners and children we support we are aware that the experience of being a partner of an online child sex offender has much in common with other types of domestic violence.  We also know that it sometimes co-exists with other types of domestic violence and we are aware that detection of online child abuse material that is the reason for separation can lead to domestic violence and all the risks associated with separation when there was no previous violence.

PartnerSPEAK seeks to collaborate closely with the Domestic Violence sector so that, together, we can reach more women and children that might otherwise be missed.

As a small and emerging organisation, we are able to work flexibly and responsively with agencies and affected
families. PartnerSPEAK is asking for expressions of interest from services and practitioners who wish to stand with us and collaborate with us but in return we are able to be flexible in the way we work with you whether your contribution is to help us with information sharing with your networks or whether you have capacity to be engaged in a hands-on way.

:Please contact PartnerSPEAK if

- Your agency is interest in physically hosting a face-to-face Intentional Peer Support group at your premises with PartnerSPEAK providing the facilitators

- You would like to contribute in a significant or small way to a symposium in March looking at the intersection between bringing child abuse material into the home with other types of family violence

- You are using peer support with victim-survivors of domestic violence in your program and you might like to be involved in a Community of Practise or are just open to sharing your program model and feedback from participants with PartnerSPEAK

- You are interested in joining PartnerSPEAK’s mailing list and being invited to future events