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provides advocacy and support for the non offending partner and family of a perpetrator of child sexual abuse and child exploitation material.

PartnerSPEAK provides a safe, facilitated forum which allows people to share their experiences and seek support from a community that understands. You can share your frustrations, questions and fears, and seek support and advice from other affected partners who are having or have had similar experiences.

The PartnerSPEAK forum is managed by individuals with personal experiences of being a partner of someone involved in child abuse material.  Please note that we are not counsellors and that this website is not monitored 24 hours.  If you are in crisis or need immediate support, please contact one of the organisations listed in the section Professional Help & Advice.

Please be aware, PartnerSPEAK has an obligation and responsibility to report any cases of child abuse and exploitation material where the police are not yet involved. Please know that if you share details of an unreported crime on the forum PartnerSPEAK will support you in reporting the crime and we will also make our own report with the information we have.