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Reporting child abuse material

Our priority is to support people who have realised their partner, husband or family member is using child abuse material. It is an incredibly difficult and complex time when you realise and is confronted with the fact that someone you love, trust and care for is accessing child exploitative material. 

PartnerSPEAK is founded on the premise that child abuse material involves abhorrent abuse of children. 
Everyone has an obligation to report child abuse material if they became aware of it. Please visit the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation's website to report abuse.

In Victoria - Worried about your legal obligations? Here are two fact sheets about ‘Failure to disclose’ offence and 'Failure to protect' offence in Victoria.

Should you need legal advice about how these laws specifically affect you, please contact Victoria Legal Aid or call 1300 792 387 for your nearest community legal centre.