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PartnerSPEAK provides advocacy and support for the non offending partner and family of a perpetrator of child sexual abuse and child exploitation material

PartnerSPEAK is the only support service for partners of online child sex offenders in Australia.

If you want to be part of a society that doesn’t further traumatise those in crisis: take a stand, support this campaign, and join PartnerSPEAK, so it is not solely the responsibility of people who have found themselves in this situation to bring about change.

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PartnerSPEAK.org.au is a support forum for people (affected partners) concerned about child exploitation material viewed by their spouses or family members.

Would you like more support?

PartnerSPEAK’s model of support is Intentional Peer Support, which means we believe in the power of connecting with people who have been through similar circumstances.

We offer support face-to-face, in groups, by telephone, and online. We are a small organisation and we will strive to respond to requests with in 24 hours. PartnerSPEAK's online forum is also here for you 365 days a year.

Domestic Violence Sector Collaborations

PartnerSPEAK is excited to announce that we are at an important time in the organisation’s life, having recently received funding which has enhanced our capacity and will enable us to expand our reach to partners and children of online child sex offenders.

If you are a professional looking to collaborate with us or be on our mailing list please see our domestic violence sector page

If you would like to speak to one of our trained support workers simply call

1300 590 589

Our lines are open Thursdays between 3pm and 7pm and Saturdays between 9am and 12pm

Get involved with PartnerSPEAK

Volunteers are critical to PartnerSPEAK and we could not operate without our volunteers. We value the contributions of people who understand the issues affecting partners impacted by child abuse material, and who generously provide their time, skills and experience to help us to support affected partners and speak out against child abuse material.

PartnerSPEAK Research Report (2015)

Women’s experiences of learning about the involvement of a partner possessing child abuse material in Australia.

Online child abuse material is not ‘child pornography’

Article by PartnerSPEAK board member Marg Liddell, and Anastasia Powell, Senior Lecturer at RMIT.