What is PartnerSPEAK?

PartnerSPEAK was founded by individuals who had been affected by their partner's involvement in child abuse material. It was founded in order to support others in similar situations. We offer support to those not only affected by their partner's involvement, but other family members, friends, colleagues. etc. PartnerSPEAK offers confidential peer support, information, advice and advocacy.
You do not have to be personaly affected by child abuse material to support PartnerSPEAK. We welcome individuals and organisations who are willing to stand beside artners affected by child abuse material, and to speak out against the abuse of children and its impact on families and communities. PartnerSPEAK is founded on the premise that child abuse material involves actual abuse of children - every image is a crime scene.
PartnerSPEAK has an ethical obligation to advise members to notify police, or ask someone else to notify police, of activites that put children at risk of harm. In Australia, it is possible to alert the police anonymously about child abuse material via Crime Stoppers by telephone or through their website. For details of organisations who can provide assistance and advice on what to do when you learn that someone you know is accessing child abuse, please go here.
PartnerSPEAK has been featured in many research reports. Most recently, the University of New South Wales conducted an evaluation of PartnerSPEAK services and the impact on the community. Find that report and more below:
Evaluation of PartnerSPEAK (2021)- Christian Jones, Delanie Woodlock, Michael Salter.
PartnerSPEAK Research Report (2015) - Marg Liddell, Caroline Taylor.
Explores the experiences of women when learning about the involvement of a partner possessing child abuse material in Australia.
Online child abuse material is not 'child pornography' - Marg Liddell, Anastasia Powell
An article by PartnerSPEAK board member Marg Liddell, and Anastasia Powell, Senior Lecturer at RMIT.