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Media Participation

PartnerSPEAK, now more than ever, is receiving and actively pursuing media opportunities. Many of us found out about PartnerSPEAK for the first time via media pieces.


If you are curious about media participation or have thought about sharing your experience to raise awareness and reach out to another affected family member who may be struggling alone, please use the attached form to register your interest. We share our stories our way, on our terms, in a trauma-informed and supportive manner. We tell a different story beyond the assumptions that are made about what it is like to walk in our shoes. Together we have more influence and impact.


We welcome you to ask questions if you are curious, and there is no obligation to proceed. At no time is there any expectation that you do anything beyond your comfort level or continue participating if you change your mind. Anyone participating in a PartnerSPEAK media engagement is supported for the entire process with readily available peer support, transparency around the kind of media piece and making your own terms with regard concerning to privacy, anonymity and safety (for example by using fake names, voice alteration, shadowing or blurring of faces, omission and altering of identifying details).


With gratitude and warmth,

The PartnerSPEAK Team

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