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Get Involved

There are many ways to support PartnerSPEAK's mission.


Your donation helps PartnerSPEAK build awareness & advocacy, undertake research, develop training tools and more. This ensures that vulnerable and traumatised affected community members receive targeted support.


Will you stand with families affected by child sexual abuse and child exploitation material?


Volunteers are critical to PartnerSPEAK. We value the contribution of people who understand the issues affecting those impacted by child abuse, and who generously provide their time, skills and experience to help us to speak out against child abuse material.

We are not currently accepting volunteers, but if you would like to express interest in a future position, please use our contact page.

Join the board

PartnerSPEAK is governed by a board of directors. Our directors come from diverse backgrounds. We meet every month via zoom. To find out more, please contact the secretary via the email link below.

Participate in Media

PartnerSPEAK, now more than ever, is receiving and actively pursuing media opportunities. Many of us found out about PartnerSPEAK for the first time via media pieces.


If you are curious about media participation, please follow the more information button below to register your interest.

Donate to support our mission

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