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Police Interaction Feedback


Many affected family members have interactions with police when their partner/family member is investigated or charged. As PartnerSPEAK seeks to amplify the voices of affected family members, we are asking our community for feedback about police interactions so that we can advocate for changes to police practices. PartnerSPEAK has had a long-standing relationship with the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE). Through this relationship, the ACCCE has developed an understanding of issues facing affected family members and are motivated to improve outcomes for affected family members.


If you would like your feedback to be included in our advocacy work with the ACCCE, please consider providing feedback via the form below. Please be assured that all feedback is anonymous and we will make sure any details that could identify you are removed (with your consent). 

You can withdraw your consent for us to use your feedback at any point. Please also indicate on the form if you would like a peer support call. The process of recalling your experience may stir up memories and/or feelings. It's also ok for you to contact us down the track for support even if you don't want follow-up support now.

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