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If you would like support or to refer someone to PartnerSPEAK, please contact us via one of the following ways:

📞 Call our Peerline on

1300 590 589

Monday 9:30am - 1:30pm AEST

Tuesday 10am - 1pm AEST
Wednesday 6pm - 9pm AEST
Thursday 3pm - 7pm AEST

If you cannot call during these hours, please leave a voice message and a member of our Peer Support Team will get back to you.

💻 Email

🗨️ Leave a Chat Message

Via the Purple Speech Bubble on this website or via the forum home page.

A member of our Peer Support Team will get back to you when next on shift.


Join our online forum here. 


📞 (03) 8080 2181


Use this form to raise an issue or share a compliment/comment with PartnerSPEAK. Your feedback will be handled confidentially and respectfully. You can choose to remain anonymous, but providing contact details allows us to respond promptly. Your feedback is valuable and helps us improve our services.

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